Be a part of SAGA

Young people all over the world are taking on leadership roles in their communities—bringing fresh ideas for change, an honest assessment to age-old problems, and a willingness to work hard to get results.

As an institution committed to preparing students to make positive and important contributions to our world, we have designed a program aimed at creating motivated and responsible learners, who can relate positively to each other, to our faculty and staff, and to our world.

Through activities inside the classroom and out, Florida Southern College’s community initiative—Student Awareness Generates Action, otherwise known as SAGA—will heighten our consciousness of global concerns ultimately leading to action and engagement.

What is the current SAGA theme?

For academic years 2010-2012, health and wellness will be the focus of our community. Not only will this theme reoccur in classes across your curriculum, you should look for them in the common-reading assignment, movies shown on the campus cable system, SGA and residence life activities.

How will it work?

As the members of the campus community become more aware of the problems associated with the theme, we will begin to search for solutions and actions that will help ameliorate those problems. These actions and solutions will come from all areas of campus - students, faculty, and staff. Actions will extend from local to national to international communities.

Students are encouraged to engage in philanthropy and service opportunities linked to the theme through participation in collaborative research, internships, field experiences during spring break and the May option, as well as study abroad service and mission trips to international locations.

As a result, you will leave Florida Southern campus with a broadened understanding of issues that affect communities and have been exposed to a culture of action on those issues.

SAGA is Florida Southern College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  The QEP is part of the process of reaffirmation of accreditation and is designed to enhance the student learning experience and ability to make a positive impact on society. | More about QEP

Common Reading 2013

The Hunger Games
Written in the voice of 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, where the countries of North America once existed. | Schedule of Events

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