fine arts, learning beyond the classroom, school pride, faith and diversity, service

Passport Program


Passport Program

We’re excited to announce that the Class of 2020 and all new transfer students starting in the Fall of 2016 will be the first to participate in the new Passport program.

The engagement and development of our students beyond the classroom is part of what makes the Florida Southern College experience one that develops future leaders and positive change agents in our communities. The Passport to Program is a required program that ensures that our students experience opportunities outside the classroom that range from lectures by leading experts to athletic events to concerts to fine arts performances and more; part of the program is the honoring of our commitment to give back to our communities through service. This program is made possible through partnerships throughout the campus community that work to ensure the enrichment and development of civic-minded students who can make positive change in their communities.

An accumulation of 20 points per category is required over the course of the 4-year program for a total accumulation of 100 points; transfer students are prorated depending upon the number of semesters remaining to complete graduation requirements at point of entry.

20 points in fine arts, 20 points in school pride, 20 points in service, 20 points in learning beyond the classroom, 20 points in faith and diversity

Points Awarded

Two points will be awarded for attending each qualified program. Students may earn of maximum of 6 points per category per year or no more than 30 points in a given academic year.

Points Tracked

Student progress will be tracked in MOCSync. Each event is set up in the system and given a distinct category; programs are limited to one category designation per event. Students need to attend no fewer than 10 programs per year to ensure adequate yearly progress in terms of point acquisition.

Questions? Contact the Student Development Office

Phone: 863.680.4206