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Service Learning

Service Learning

Service Learning teaches you social responsibility by integrating valuable community service projects into the curriculum you are learning in the classroom.

This educational method will provide you with community-based experience in order to enhance your academic knowledge. You will use the practical applications of your classroom studies to actively contribute to the community and solve real-world problems.

The service experience is integrated into course readings, lectures, discussions, and writing assignments. Even though community service is integrated into the academic curriculum, students are evaluated in terms of regular academic standards and not for the services provided.

The Center for Service Learning at Florida Southern College matches students in all areas of discipline to needs within the community, granting each student valuable experience through benefitting others. Florida Southern College is committed to creating future community leaders, increasing community involvement and providing students with opportunities to actively enhance their education in the community in which they work, live, and learn.

“I started working on community service projects right away, and I have made a difference in the community, gaining lifelong friends along the way. My time here has been better than I ever could have imagined.”—Katherine Thousand, B.S. in Nursing