—Career Track for Business Administration

A degree in business administration with a focus in management from FSC is one of the best routes to a high-level business career.

The ability to get results, with and through others—which is what management is all about—is always in demand. We’ll give you the knowledge of business, the strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and the training in leadership you need to make tough, strategic decisions that are critical to any company’s success.


AACSB Accredited logoThe Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise at Florida Southern College has taken its place among the most respected university business schools in the world by earning accreditation from AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Top Reasons to Choose FSC for Management

  • Accreditation by AACSB is a mark of excellence in business education, earned by less than 5 percent of the world’s business programs.
  • You’ll have opportunities to gain real-world experience and cultivate your interests with internships in numerous local and national organizations.
  • Our Seminar in Strategic Management of the Business Enterprise provides the ideal opportunity for in-depth study of management issues.

Engaged Learning in the Classroom

Engaged learning starts with classroom exercises, business simulations, and internships. But this doesn’t even touch the surface of FSC’s possibilities, where there are over seventy clubs and organizations available to hone your management skills.

Course Information

Management courses at FSC combine classroom learning and hands-on experiences to teach you how to organize and direct an organization's activities. You’ll study models of effective leadership and learn how to identify and act on business opportunities in a global environment.

Along with your core business administration courses, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of management-focused classes, including:

  • Sales Management & Personal Selling
  • New Venture Creation
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Ethics, Communication & Risk Management

Clubs & Organizations

You can be involved in numerous organizations, such as Delta Sigma Pi, the business fraternity; Toastmasters Speaking Club; and Sigma Beta Delta, the business honor society.

Career Opportunities

Our management students find positions in nearly every field, from banking and financial services to government agencies to non-profit organizations. After all, skilled managers are needed in every group of an organization. A degree in business administration with a concentration in management enables you to visualize both the perspectives of individuals in organizations and the big picture of the organization’s role in the marketplace.


Program Requirements

Business Administration Major Requirements

In keeping with FSC's mission to prepare students to make positive and important contributions to society, you will benefit from core courses along with your business course work.

A. General Education Requirements 40 hours
B. Major Requirements 66 hours

ACC 2111

Foundations of Financial Accounting

ACC 2112

Foundations of Managerial Accounting

BUS 1115

Business and Society

BUS 2217

Principles of Management

BUS 3125

International Business Environment

BUS 3160

Marketing Principles

BUS 3311

Legal Environment of Business

BUS/ECO 3320

Applied Statistics of Business and Economics

BUS 3453

Managerial Finance

BUS 3705

Business Information Systems

BUS 4999

Seminar in Strategic Management of the Business Enterprise

ECO 2205

Principles of Microeconomics


Principles of Macroeconomics

C. Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements 12 hours
D. Electives 6 hours
E. Total 124 hours

For a complete listing of requirements, please refer to the
Academic Catalog  


BUS 1115

Business and Society

BUS 2217 Principles of Management

BUS 3115

Sales Management and Personal Selling

BUS 3311 Legal Environment of Business
BUS 3453 Managerial Finance
BUS 3666 Leadership Competencies
BUS 4115 International Management
BUS 4148 Marketing Management
BUS 4999 Seminar in Strategic Management of the Business Enterprise

3-Year Fast Track

3-Year Fast Track

You can earn your business degree in three years. View the 3-Year Fast Track Plan for a B.S. in business  


Course Descriptions

Four hours. A survey course designed for taking a first look at business in society. An interdisciplinary systems approach is used to explore the nature of business and its role in society emphasizing several business disciplines in the overall context of the enterprise. Ethics and values are emphasized, and the interfaces of business with its environment, the issues of work, careers, and the parameters for success in life are explored. The development of basic business related vocabulary is used to understand and interpret business news and information. This course may not be taken after earning credit for upper-level business core classes. Gen Ed: SW (Aw), Ql

Four hours. Concepts, principles, and functions of management applicable to all types of organizations; different managerial styles.

Four hours. Prerequisite: BUS 3160. The course addresses sales management methods and concepts applicable to the efficient recruitment, deployment, and retention of an effective sales force in the twenty-first century business environment. Class demonstrations in different facets of selling and exercises in the art of persuasion will illustrate theories of buyer motivation, and help students develop a command of the language of sales. The course follows a process model of selling that applies across product concepts. There is an emphasis on participative exercises including classroom discussion of written assignments, presentations and role playing exercises.

Four hours. Introduction to commercial, property, administrative, constitutional and liability law, and the American court system, with special emphasis on how it affects people in business. Students will engage in evaluation, analysis, and application of legal doctrines to business and personal situations. Gen Ed: SW (Ap), Ql

Four hours. Prerequisites: ACC 2111 and ACC 2112 and ECO 2205 and ECO 2207. Planning and controlling sources and uses of a firm’s funds. Includes capital budgeting, dividend policies, determination of optimal capital structure, and internal vs. external financing of expansion.

For a complete list of BUS courses, see Business Administration  

Four hours. Prerequisite: BUS 2217. Study and application of cases, concepts, and theories related to leadership. Experiential exercises are used to simulate leadership situations and facilitate growth in leadership skills and abilities.

Four hours. Prerequisites: ECO 2112 and BUS 2217 and BUS 3125. How to identify and develop relationships in international markets. International similarities and differences in marketing functions as related to the cultural, economic, political, social and physical dimensions of the environment are examined. Also considered are the changes in marketing systems and the adoption of marketing philosophies and practices to fit conditions in different countries.

Four hours. Prerequisites: BUS 2217 and BUS 3160 and BUS 4466. Management of marketing functions and analysis of problems of representative companies, including product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution; uses of computer in market management.

Four hours. Prerequisites: Senior standing, all other courses in the major, and successful completion of coursework that satisfies Effective Communication SLOs A and B. The capstone course of the business administration major. The course integrates knowledge of all business disciplines from other courses. Uses case studies and team-based projects to identify problems and formulate strategic policies that shape the destiny of organizations. The course emphasizes analysis, decision-making, and implementation of business strategies. Gen Ed: Ql, EC-C