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Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

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Education makes a real difference.

Adult undergraduate education at Florida Southern College is dedicated to the education of the best elementary teachers aspiring to make a difference in the lives of children.

Florida Southern College offers a program of teacher education in Elementary Education K-6. This program is approved by the Florida Department of Education to satisfy the educational requirements for the baccalaureate degree and initial teacher certification in Florida.

The School of Education is also home to the Roberts Center for Learning and Literacy and the Roberts Academy. Students in education programs will be engaged in a variety of field study experiences on and off campus including the Roberts Academy and a variety of local schools.

Why Choose FSC for Elementary Education

Tuition reimbursement

Florida Southern College accepts funding for Polk County School District’s Project Greenhouse that provides tuition reimbursement for district employees at Florida Public University rates.

Students can complete up to 48 credit hours per year

Accelerated, seven-week academic terms enable full-time students to complete up to 48 credit hours per year. Program is fully accredited by the Florida Department of Education.

Supervised work experience

Internships are conducted in cooperation with the local public school system. Supervised work experience occurs in school classrooms with students and teachers.

Personalized attention

Personalized attention is available in small classes with an average ratio of student to faculty of 13:1. Accomplishments are recorded in a personal portfolio.

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Program Outcome Goals for Elementary Education Majors

  • Understand the learner and the learning process.
  • Apply knowledge, skills and competency to manage a classroom.
  • Balance the affective (emotional) and cognitive (mental) elements of teaching.
  • Provide effective education experiences in a multicultural society.
  • Successfully pass the Florida Teacher Certificate Exam.
  • Acquire initial teacher certification in Florida and most other states.
  • Competently lead students as a professional classroom teacher.

Elementary Education Program Cost for 2015-2016**

Tuition per credit hour $300
8 credit hours $2,400
Technology Fee* $50

* Technology Fees for the School of Education: $25 for up to 4 credit hours, $50 for 5-8 credit hours, $100 for 9 or more credit hours

** Florida Southern College reserves the right to revise fee schedules.