Four-year Graduation

The FSC 4-year graduation degree is our promise to you that if you follow certain guidelines you will graduate in four years.

We can make this promise because over 85% of our graduates already graduate within four years, well above the 49% national percentage for public colleges and the 80% average for private colleges.

In order to qualify for the guarantee*, students must do the following:

  • Sign the Four-Year Guarantee agreement upon enrollment.
  • Successfully complete, on average, no less than 31 credit hours per academic year (summer included), while maintaining full-time enrollment for all four years.
  • Not drop or fail a class without making up the class within the four-year time window.
  • Avoid any academic or judicial sanctions that would delay graduation.
  • Remain in the major declared in the first year of enrollment. 
  • Follow the four-year plan for graduation published by the department and maintain that program’s academic progression and required competencies
  • Register for classes within the first three days of the scheduled registration period.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the college catalog.

Odds are, even without the guarantee, you will graduate in four years or less at Florida Southern. But it is nice to have the peace of mind knowing that if you don’t, we’ve got you covered.

*The guarantee does not apply to students who choose second or third majors that may require additional work, or some programs that require teacher or other external licensure (Physical Education, Athletic Training, Nursing, or Music Education, Art Education, or Music Management).

**Tuition costs paid by the college are defined as that amount owed by the student minus any state and federal aid for which they qualify.

The Florida Southern Advantage

If you have followed the guidelines and are unable to graduate in four years (or less!) Florida Southern will cover the cost of tuition** until you graduate.