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As the world becomes increasingly smaller, it’s more important than ever to have an appreciation for diverse cultures and global perspectives.

Study abroad is an essential part of the well-rounded foundation you’ll receive from Florida Southern. In fact, we believe study abroad is such an important part of your education that we guarantee all new first-year students a travel experience—often at no additional cost beyond FSC tuition.

Guaranteed Travel

If you’re an entering first-year student, we guarantee an amazing study abroad opportunity during your junior or senior year at Florida Southern. Travel to the Caribbean, Costa Rica, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Washington, D.C., or other exciting destinations! You’ll benefit from a priceless experience that connects you with other FSC students and professors—and especially with the world around you!

A World of Options

Florida Southern offers a range of study abroad experiences—just choose the one that’s right for you! Whether you go for a few weeks, a summer, a semester, or an entire year, you’ll learn in ways you never thought possible. You may opt for a program sponsored by Florida Southern or pursue an adventure through one of our travel partners. To get started, contact FSC’s Office of Student Travel!

Ireland Trip Diary 2016 video by FSC Senior Emma Hamrick

Life Skills

Travel study experiences are a fantastic way to see the world, practice language skills, and connect with others from around the globe—all while earning academic credit! Study abroad will teach you about the world, boost your confidence, make you more self-aware and independent, stretch your comfort zone, and connect you with others who are like you…and those who are not. You’ll use these valuable skills throughout your life!

College Commitment

We’re preparing you to make positive and important contributions to our increasingly globalized world, and study abroad experiences are an essential part of that foundation. That’s why Florida Southern is so committed to making this opportunity available to you—often at no additional cost beyond your usual FSC tuition! Our experienced team will work through every detail with you to make your trip a reality.


Office of Student Travel

The Office of Student Travel plans and coordinates educational student travel options all over the world.


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Meet Our Staff

Bridgette McArthur

Bridgette McArthur
Student Travel Coordinator

Bridgette McArthur

Rebecca Tibbs
Administrative Assistant




 Japan - Sociology

Fall Trip - JJ

Exploration of Historic and Modern Japan
SOC2997 - 1 Credit Hour
October 15 to October 23
Dr. Chastity Blankenship

Trip is full - Waitlist only

Explore the clash of modern and historical culture in Tokyo, Kyoto, and surrounding areas within Japan. Visit bustling districts like Harajuku while staying in a traditional ryokan inn in Tokyo. Travel by high-speed train to Nara to explore temples and meet the deer believed to protect the city and Kyoto to discover the historic bamboo groves and Niji Castle. Discover how historical and cultural events have influenced modern society and culture through performances, museums, and walking tours.

Caribbean / Latin America

Bahamas, Bimini

 Bahamas, Bimini - Biology

Fall Trip - JJ

Field Studies in Shark Biology
BIO 1997 - 2 Credit Hours
October 15 to October 21
Dr. Brian Franks

Trip is full - Waitlist only

This trip is open to those students who have successfully completed BIO 3150 OR BIO 3700 This Study Abroad experience engage students in the study of the various aspects of the biology, behavior and conservation of elasmobranch fishes, specifically sharks. Using a combination of lectures, in-class activities and field trips students will gain a firsthand understanding and experience in the study of sharks.



Fall Trip - JJ

Cuba: A Cultural Journey of Discovery
FSC1997 - 1 Credit Hour
October 15 to October 23
Dr. Jose Manuel Garcia

Trip is full - Waitlist only

This trip provides a unique opportunity to gain a cultural and educational perspective on Cuba; experience firsthand the important aspects of history, cultural norms and traditions on contemporary society and Cuban national identity, visit historic sites and discover through discussions and presentations from a wide variety of Cubans how they view the future of the people and their country.


 Ecuador - Accounting & Nursing

Fall Trip

Collaboration in Ecuador: Service & Culture
ACC/NUR1997 - 2 Credit Hours
October 15 to October 23
Dr. Quilliam & Dr. Lyle

Trip is full - Waitlist only

Prerequisites: Business, Nursing, Health Sciences, or other majors (identified and with permission from the trip directors). Students will experience an introduction to the Spanish culture and communication strategies specific to their discipline (Accounting/Nursing/General) while serving in the Quito community, located near the equator and at 9500 ft. altitude. Work and interact with peers from other majors in this beautiful, scenic area of the world as you identify concepts of the Ecuadorian healthcare system, identify collaborative business opportunities for corporate and non-profit exchanges, or help to construct and refurbish buildings in the community. We will be working closely with various departments of the local university and go on daily excursions to theaters, museums, and cultural sites in and around the capital city.




Winter Trip

Alaska and the Northen Lights
FSC1997 - 1 Credit Hour
December 15 to December 22
Dr. Malcolm Manners

Trip is full - Waitlist only

Travel Anchorage to Fairbanks and back, visiting Denali State Park, Denali National Park, University of Alaska's Reindeer Research Farm, U.A.'s Museum of the North, and a large-animal conservation park. Night-time excursions to see the Northern Lights if the weather conditions allow it.

Orlando, Florida

 Orlando, Florida

Fall Trip - JJ

What Would Walt Do? Lessons in Law and Leadership and Building a Kingdom
BUS 3997 - 1 Credit Hour
October 14 to October 21
Dr. Cindy Hardin

Trip is full - Waitlist only

While touring the parks and engaging in discussion students will examine legal, management and marketing issues encountered daily by Walt Disney World theme park. Through two Disney-led leadership and team building workshops and behind-the-scene tours, students will learn how the “Disney” model for leadership and management success can empower them to be more effective leaders, creative problem solvers, skillful communicators and successful professionals.

United States-Multiple States

 United States-Multiple States

Fall Trip - JJ

Justice and Social Movements Tour in America
FSC1997 - 1 Credit Hour
October 15 to October 22
Dr. Nethery, Dr. Carter & Mrs. Brenda Lewis

Trip is full - Waitlist only

This course introduces students to the history and various aspects of justice, social movements and mass communications in America.



 Germany - Military History

Fall Trip - JJ

Southern Germany Tour
FSC1997 - 1 Credit Hour
October 14 to October 23
LTC Vaira & CPT Student

Trip is full - Waitlist only

Prerequisite: none-open to all majors. This trip offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Bavaria in Southern Germany, as well as the capital Berlin, see several historic WWII military sites, and historic castles in the Alps. The experience consists of privately guided tours of the many sites in Bavaria, an opportunity to visit Nuremburg, former East Germany by visiting Berlin, and numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the German culture and lifestyle.


 Iceland - Physics

Winter Trip - JJ

The Physics of Iceland: Exploring Geysers, Geothermal Power and the Northern Lights
FSC1997 - 1 Credit Hour
January 1 to January 8
Dr. Pepino

Trip is full - Waitlist only

Need permission from instructor. Students will visit one of the world’s most majestic northern landscapes discovering how geothermal activity powers the country’s electric grid and the atomic process behind the Northern Lights. You will also bare witness to the energy of geysers as they escape the earth’s crust and soak in one of many geothermal heated pools after a day of exploring the mountains and waterfalls and glaciers. This will be an extraordinary week of exploring national parks, cultural, scientific, and political centers both ancient and modern, whale watching and, of course, the astounding Aurora Borealis.



Fall Trip - JJ

Exploring the Scottish Highlands and Hebrides
FSC1997 - 1 Credit Hour
October 14 to October 23
Dr. Malcolm Manners

Trip is full - Waitlist only

Travel through the Highlands of Scotland, visiting sites of historic importance (castles, ruins, ancient sites), Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye, and the Isles of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides.


 Spain - Business

Winter Trip - JJ

Spain: Business, Cultural, and Historical Aspects
FSC1997 - 1 Credit Hour
December 15 to December 23
Dr. Quilliam

Trip is full - Waitlist only

Join Drs. Will Quilliam and Chuck DuVal on a wonderful tour of Spain during Winter break. Transportation, hotels, meals, and tours are all included. This trip will be interesting to you, no matter your major. We will have great cultural, business, historical, and educational experiences as you explore and discover the amazing museums, cathedrals and other sights unique to Madrid and Barcelona. You will receive one hour of academic credit. For more information, please contact us at

Semester and Affiliate Options

Florida Southern partners with several agencies around the world enabling FSC students to complete their graduation requirements abroad! Check with individual programs to see how your financial aid will apply.

Regent’s University London

American degrees offered in partnership with Webster University. They offer a wide range of majors in management, media, international relations, politics, psychology and the liberal arts. Students can study for a semester or a full year with Regent’s University and must apply through Florida Southern College Student Travel Office.

Getting Started to Apply

  1. Review the Regent’s study abroad guide and watch the following videos:
  2. Schedule a meeting with the Office of Student Travel. Travel Coordinator Bridgette McArthur is here to help.

Learn more about Regent’s University London! 


Harlaxton College

Studies offered in partnership with University of Evansville and courses offered throughout the academic year and summer. Students will be housed in and studying at Harlaxton Manor, a beautiful and historic Elizabethan Manor House just outside of London. Please apply through Florida Southern College Student Travel Office.

Check out Harlaxton College! 

Proyecto Español

School locations in Alicante and Granada and receives students from more than 30 different countries. It has the highest academic quality accreditation in Spanish teaching awarded by the Instituto Cervantes via the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry. Programs are designed for students at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish language studies. Opportunities for study are available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer academic sessions.

Courses Offered

  • SPA 1101 - First Semester Spanish
  • SPA 1102 - Second Semester Spanish
  • SPA 2203 - Second Year Spanish
  • SPA 2205 - Composition and Conversation I
  • SPA 2207 - Composition and Conversation II
  • SPA 3308 - Topics in Hispanic Culture and Civilization
  • SPA 3320 - Introduction to Literature in Spanish
  • SPA 3323 - Survey of Spanish Literature
  • SPA 3340 - Cinema for Spanish Conversation
  • SPA 3345 - Spanish for Business
  • SPA 4408 - Special Topics in Hispanic Literature
  • SPA 4960 - Internship

Find Out More about Proyecto Español! 

Up With People

Up with People

Travel. Perform. Impact. UWP is a multi-country semester abroad offering travel to 2 continents and 20+ communities. A one-of-a-kind global experience combining international travel, service-learning, performing arts, leadership and multi-cultural student environment.

Earn academic credit through our university partner, Florida Southern College. The perfect Volunteer Abroad - Semester Abroad - Gap Year opportunity all in one program! All applicants 17 - 29 welcome! Scholarships available.

Study abroad program in partnership with FSC offered via 3-4 courses (12 credits) in Communications, Business/Leadership and Sociology. Academic program not required. Students must opt-in to take the academic courses.

All students benefit from Up with People’s workshop-based and experiential curriculum which includes leadership development, cultural awareness, global topics and arts development. English immersion opportunity for ESL students. 6 and 8-week internship options are also available.

More about Up with People!  

Looking to study somewhere FSC doesn’t travel?

Academic Programs International and American Institute For Foreign Study are connected with institutions in Ireland, China, Brazil, Australia and many more. Students may study a variety of majors and disciplines throughout Fall, Spring or Summer depending on where they attend. The Student Travel Office can assist students with the Florida Southern Semester Application while the program applications are available through the individual websites.

Making the Investment

Yes, study abroad experiences are an investment—but guess what? You can often study abroad for virtually the same cost as attending on campus at Florida Southern. In some cases, you may actually pay less.

What's covered?

What’s covered?

When considering study abroad options, it’s helpful to compare fees and consider what is included in the total price. For most study abroad trips, the cost typically includes:

  • Full-service transportation, door to door from Florida Southern to your final destination and back again.
  • All lodging, including on-campus housing prior to trip and throughout your travels
  • Most meals, with a few exceptions. Faculty trip directors share detailed itineraries so you’ll know which meals might not be covered.
  • If your trip allows free time for outside excursions, these are at your own expense.

Cost of Trips

Destination Junior Journey Regular Trip Deposit Deadline* Deposit Amount
Alaska$600$2,750Trip is full$500
Bahamas, Bimini - Biology$575$2,700Trip is full$575
CubaFree*$2,400Trip is full$100*/$500
Ecuador - Accounting & NursingFree*$2,425Trip is full$100*/$500
Germany - Military History$550$2,675Trip is full$550*/$550
Iceland - Physics$695$2,825Trip is full$500
Japan - Sociology$1,900$4,100Trip is full$500
Orlando, FloridaFree*$2,150Trip is full$100*/$500
Scotland$1,400$3,595Trip is full$500
Spain - Business$2,400$4,600Trip is full$500
United States-Multiple StatesFREE$2,175Trip is full$100*/$500

* Deposit Deadline - Please note that trip space is limited and trips may fill before the deadline date.

** Although the trip is free for Junior Journey eligible students, there is a $100 refundable deposit which will be returned after you complete the trip. All other trips will have a deposit of $125 or more which is a part of the total trip cost.

We are always working on new trips so check back here often to see what new trips are in the works!

[Study abroad] was an amazing opportunity that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world! I highly recommend that all students go on at least one May Option in their college career. It is definitely worth it! —Kaci Kohlhepp, Plowman Scholar

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Surprise! Much of your FSC financial aid may actually be used for a semester or year of study abroad.

Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind:

  • You must register for the equivalent of at least 12 semester hours abroad in order to receive financial aid.
  • Much of your state- and federal-based financial aid may qualify to cover study abroad programs.
  • It’s possible your FSC-based financial aid (athletic scholarships, ROTC scholarships, Academic Merit Awards, etc.) may not be applied to study abroad.
  • Stafford loans may be available for summer travel; contact the Office of Financial Aid for details.


Florida Southern offers scholarships specifically for study abroad opportunities.

The Gilman Scholarship Program offers competitive awards for undergraduate study abroad. Visit the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Web site to learn more.

Photo by Megan O'Toole

Getting Started!

Maybe you’re unsure of where you’d like to go? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of visiting a certain place in the world and already have a program in mind? Either way, our Office of Student Travel is your best place to start. Our staff experts have all the information you need to make your study abroad experience a reality. Now would also be a great time to officially apply for study abroad and complete your passport application.

What’s required?

To participate in a student travel program at Florida Southern, you must have:

  • A clear business office record
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • A clear record of student accountability
  • Register on line through the FSC Portal
  • Submit forms and deposit if applicable