Admissions Process

Applying to college is an exciting part of starting the next chapter of your life, but the process can also be a little intimidating. What’s expected? What will make you stand out? What are we looking for in a student? Below we’ve pulled together everything you need to apply—making the process as simple as possible. But remember, we are always here to help you.

Applying for Admission

There are a few simple steps on your way to becoming a Moc. The admissions process involves an application and other information that you’ll need to send in by certain deadlines if you plan to attend Florida Southern.

Ready to begin? Start your application for admission now. Remember, your admissions counselor is standing by.

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After Admission

Once you’re accepted to Florida Southern, you’ll need to do a few more things on your way to becoming a Moc. First, you should send in your enrollment and housing deposit. And before you arrive on campus, you will need to complete a medical examination form, choose your classes, finalize your housing placement, and more.

Check out the Accepted Students section for details.

Application Deadlines

You meet your deadlines, we’ll meet ours. If you’re trying to meet a specific application deadline, it’s your responsibility to make sure we receive all your materials by the deadline date. Once you have qualified for a specific application deadline, we’ll be sure to notify you of admission by the notification date indicated.

Applying for Fall

Deadline Type Apply By Notified By Deposit Due
Early Decision December 1 December 15 January 15
Regular Decision March 1 Within 14 days of a complete application May 1

Applying for Spring

Deadline Type Apply By Notified By Deposit Due
Regular Decision November 1 Within 14 days of a complete application December 15

Preparing to Apply

As you take steps to become a Florida Southern student, there’s something you should know: We’re interested in you as an individual—beyond your GPA and lists of activities. Yes, academic credentials are important, but we want to know about your personal qualities… your interests and ideas… your story.

The application process varies for first-time students, transfer students, and international students. Please take a careful look at the application process, the forms you’ll need to submit, and the deadlines involved.

What we are looking for

You’ll find all kinds of students at Florida Southern, but there are a few things they all have in common… They’re bright, well informed, and curious. They are achievers. Often at the top of their classes, most FSC students have taken AP, IB, or honor-level courses. They are involved (sometimes very involved!) in everything from athletics to the arts. They value being part of a community, and they want to make the world a better place.

Our admitted students have an average GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale. This shows our incoming students take academics seriously and typically have solid grades in challenging college prep courses. To be prepared for Florida Southern’s rigorous college curriculum, your high school foundation should include:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of Math
  • 3 years of History/Social Sciences
  • 3 years of Natural Sciences
  • 2 years of Foreign Languages (recommended)

You should also complete either the SAT or ACT.

Photo: Kamalie Morales

Kamalie Morales
FSC Assistant Director of Admissions

Apply Now

We’ll use your application to evaluate your accomplishments and determine your fit at Florida Southern.

Of course we’ll consider your test scores, grades, and the rigor of your courses. We’ll also look at extracurricular activities, leadership, community service, creative projects, and hobbies — as these offer a broader picture of who you are as a person.


If you are applying to the Adult Education (evening) program, please use the Adult & Graduate undergraduate application.

Apply online

Most students prefer the ease and immediacy of the online application. You can begin your application now by clicking the button below.

Apply Now

Florida Southern also accepts
The Common Application with equal consideration.

Mail-in application

You can also download, complete, and mail in a paper application by clicking on the links below.

Standard admissions file requirements include:

  • A completed application for admission
  • SAT or ACT
     #5218 - Florida Southern’s SAT Code
     #0732 - Florida Southern’s ACT Code
  • High school transcripts
  • Academic recommendation
  • Personal statement

Early Decision

If you’re sure Florida Southern College is the school for you, we invite you to take advantage of our Early Decision application. As an Early Decision applicant, you’ll receive several benefits.

Early admission offers several perks:

1) Get a head start

Apply as early as September of your senior year and you’ll be notified of your admission decision by December 15.

2) Valuable connections

Get to know professors and staff early in the process.

3) Peace of mind

Enjoy your final moments of high school knowing you’ve secured your place at the college of your dreams.

4) Less hassle and expense

Save yourself the time and money of applying to other schools and shop for your new Florida Southern College room instead.


Contact the Office of Admissions to learn more. The application deadline for Early Decision applicants is December 1.

 Download the Early Decision Agreement Form

Early Decision is a binding contract that is different from Early Action, and is reserved only for those students who know without a doubt that FSC is their college of choice. If accepted as an Early Decision student, candidates must withdraw their applications from other institutions and submit their enrollment deposit to Florida Southern by January 15.

Meet Your Counselor

Florida Southern College’s Admissions office is staffed with people who genuinely want to see you succeed. We are eager to meet you and guide you through the admissions process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Find your counselor

Please answer the following questions to meet your admissions counselor and see when we’ll be in your area.

If you are a(n)…


Request Info

Admissions Forms & Deadlines

Sure, applying for college involves some paperwork—but it’s all worth it. Here’s a rundown of the forms and applications you’ll need to send in and when.

Admissions Priority Dates & Deadlines

Please note, if an admissions deadline falls on a non-postal delivery date (such as holidays or a Sunday), the deadline falls to the next mail date.

Early Decision (Freshmen):
Application for Admission Deadline December 1
Admissions Offers Sent December 15
Enrollment Deposit Due January 15
Regular Decision (Freshmen):
Application for Admission Priority Date March 1
Admissions Offers Sent Within 14 days of a complete application
Enrollment Deposit Due
(Depositing earlier is to your advantage)
May 1
Transfer Students - Fall Semester:
Application for Admission Priority Date - July 1
Admissions Offers Sent - Within 14 days of a complete application
Enrollment Deposit Due - By August 1
Transfer Students - Spring Semester:
Application for Admission Priority Date - December 1
Admissions Offers Sent - Within 14 days of a complete application
Enrollment Deposit Due - By December 15

Accepted Student Checklist

Congratulations on your acceptance to Florida Southern College, one of the best colleges in the nation!

Transfer Students: Your enrollment process is a little different. See the transfer student checklist of everything you need to do.

Enrollment Guide2015 edition, 2016 coming this spring!

Download the Enrollment Guide

 Download the Enrollment Guide

Save your spot

When you submit your enrollment deposit, you save your place in FSC’s Class of 2020! The enrollment deposit is $500 if you plan to live on campus and $300 if you’ll commute.

Summer Advising Days

Join us for an exclusive summer advising program designed to prepare you to begin your coursework in the fall.

  • DateJune 17
  • DateJune 18
  • DateJuly 11

Scholars Weekend

Spend two days on campus envisioning life as a Moc! Scholars Weekends dates:

  • DateFebruary 19-20
  • DateMarch 18-19

New Student Enrollment

These forms review emergency contact information, insurance coverage, and provide a place to indicate your housing preferences. They must be completed by both commuters and residential students alike.

A Look Ahead: for first-year students enrolling in fall 2016, follow our helpful enrollment checklist to stay on track.

  1. Register for Scholars Weekend.

    This special overnight program gives admitted students a chance to spend two days on campus exploring all Florida Southern has to offer. By invitation only. Register Now 

  2. Make plans to join us at a reception near you.

    We’re coming to you: this is your chance to meet Admissions staff, alumni, and other members of the FSC community while exploring the next enrollment steps. See where we’ll be in January 

  3. Pay your enrollment deposit.

    Your enrollment deposit saves your place at Florida Southern, makes you eligible for scholarships and financial aid, and secures your residence hall room. The enrollment deposit is $500 if you plan to live on campus and $300 if you’ll commute. You may pay online or by phone at 1.800.274.4131. Pay your enrollment deposit 

  4. Complete your housing application and new student enrollment forms.

    These forms review emergency contact information, insurance coverage, and provide a place to indicate your housing preferences. They must be completed by both commuters and residential students alike. Complete the form

  5. Submit your FAFSA.

    We encourage all families to complete a FAFSA. Be sure to include Florida Southern (001488) as a school of choice. Available January 1 

  6. Attend Scholars Weekend, a Florida Southern tradition.

    Designed especially for accepted students, take advantage of this special opportunity to spend two days connecting with students and faculty, exploring your major, and staying overnight in residence halls. Register Now 

  7. Connect with future Mocs.

    Keep up with what’s happening on campus!

Register for Scholars Weekend

Designed especially for accepted students.

See Details about scholars weekend

Join us at a reception in a city near you!

Meet Admissions staff, alumni, and
other members of the FSC community.

See Details about special receptions

Mark your calendars for these important application and scholarship deadlines.

DateMarch 1

Honors Program Application

Hollis Fellows in Education Scholarship

DateMarch 15

George Jenkins Scholarship Application