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Youth Ministry


Develop a strategy for fulfilling your life’s purpose and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to do so.

Florida Southern College’s Religion with Concentration in Youth Ministry Program will challenge you to think deeply and critically about Biblical and theological questions of faith, tradition, reason and religious identity and their application and appropriation in youth ministry settings.

As a result, you’ll be prepared for full-time employment in youth ministry settings and for the seminary or graduate programs in religion.

Top Reasons To Choose FSC For Youth Ministry

  • You will gain practical experiences in Youth Ministry settings throughout your course work and an onsite semester long internship.
  • You’ll work with faculty who maintain high standards of excellence, immerse you in the historical critical approach to the Bible, and challenge you to think critically about your faith and religious tradition in a Youth Ministry context.
  • FSC’s religion majors boast a 100% placement rate in graduate programs.
  • We host two annual endowed lecture series—The Warren W. Willis Lecture in Religion and The Biblical Symposium—that bring outstanding scholars and thinkers to campus.
  • Take advantage of study-abroad experiences in places like Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

Engaged Learning in the Classroom

In your classes, you’ll benefit from a variety of approaches designed to engage your learning. Whether you’re pursuing directed research on your own project, designing multimedia projects, or participating in student-panel discussions, you’ll have the opportunities to move beyond textbooks and actually work with ideas.

Religion faculty speaking to studentsThe Religion faculty pride themselves on being teacher-scholars who bring a wealth of field experience and expertise to enrich your coursework.


Course Information

FSC’s major offers a curriculum that includes foundational introductory and upper-level courses in Old Testament, New Testament and Theology as well as a course in world religions and a senior capstone seminar.

You’ll also complete youth ministry courses such as Teaching and Learning Theories, Leadership and Administration, and Bible and Theology in the Youth Ministry Setting.

Get complete descriptions of all our Youth Ministry courses below  

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The program culminates in a semester-long supervised internship in a youth ministry setting.

Our students have interned with:

  • Tennessee Annual Conference UMC, Nashville, TN
  • St. Andrews UMC, Brandon, FL
  • First UMC, Lakeland, FL
  • Christ UMC, Lakeland, FL

Clubs & Organizations

Our majors are eligible for induction into Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for religious studies and theology.

Graduate & Professional Opportunities

Youth Ministry graduates are well prepared for vocational youth positions in churches, camps and non-profit settings that focus on bettering the lives of youth in our communities. If you choose to pursue graduate work, our majors are accepted to some of the nation’s top seminaries and graduate programs for religion. They are also awarded some of the most prestigious scholarships available at schools like Candler School of Theology, Duke Divinity School, Yale, Vanderbilt, and Boston School of Theology.


Program Requirements

Students who pursue the degree with the Concentration in Youth Ministry will build on the solid foundation provided by the above curriculum by critically applying it in the youth ministry setting while also developing an understanding of teaching and learning theories for youth ministry and its leadership and administration. This concentration allows students to advance their understandings of youth ministry through practical applications culminating in an internship.

Youth Ministry Major Requirements

A. General Education Requirements 40 hours
B. Major Requirements 46 hours
REL 2215 The Old Testament: The Literature, the History, the Religious Ideas
REL 2216 The New Testament: Its History, Literature, and Theology
REL 2218 Basic Christian Beliefs
REL/PHI 2219 World Religions and Philosophies
REL 4999 Capstone Seminar in Religion
RYM 2210 Teaching and Learning Theories for  Youth Ministry
RYM 3310 Leadership and Administration for Youth Ministry
RYM 4410 Bible and Theology in the Youth Ministry Setting
RYM 4960
RYM 4961


One course selected from each of the following three groups:


REL 3345 The Wisdom Tradition in Ancient Israel
REL 4435 Prophetic Thought in Ancient Israel


REL 3366 Johanine Literature: Gospel, Letters and Apocalypse
REL 4416 Life and Letters of Paul
REL 4446 Life and Teachings of Jesus


REL 4428 Current Theological Thought
REL 4448 The Doctrine of God
C. Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements 20 hours
D. Electives 18 hours
E. Total 124 hours

For a complete listing of requirements, please refer to the
Academic Catalog  


Course Descriptions

Four hours. An exploration of teaching and learning theories for youth ministry, including but not limited to information processing, group interaction, indirect communication, personal development, action/reflection, transformative education and other theories of education.

Four hours. An examination of youth leadership processes in the life of the church, including but not limited to group dynamics, planning procedures and practices, recruitment and training of volunteers, the use of curriculum resources, and structuring and planning for youth ministry.

For REL course descriptions, see Religion  

Four hours. Prerequisites: One other RYM course and REL 2215 and REL 2216 and REL 2218. An examination of the Bible and theology in the youth ministry setting. The course includes methods for teaching the Bible and theology, the significance of the Bible and theology in the life of the church.

Four hours. Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of the instructor. A supervised, semester long work experience in youth ministry in a local church or other approved setting.