Majors & Career Tracks

Florida Southern offers a range of options to meet your interests and career goals!

Choose from over 50 academic degree tracks, pre-professional programs, and interdisciplinary minors—or design your own major! Unsure of your career path? We’ll help you find (or create!) a program that’s perfect for you.

Our Guarantees To You

Our willingness to go above and beyond the conventional college experience sets Florida Southern apart. In fact, we guarantee signature educational opportunities in the following three key areas.


At Florida Southern, we believe "learning" and "doing" go hand in hand. That’s why we do more than offer internship opportunities…we guarantee them! Our students work with businesses and organizations of all kinds throughout Lakeland and nearby Tampa and Orlando. They also pursue highly competitive internships around the country. Learn more about internship opportunities  


Annalise LaRoche

talks about her internship experience and preparing for law school.

Four-Year Graduation

At Florida Southern, we promise that you can graduate in four years*. Follow a few simple guidelines and if you are unable to graduate in four years, FSC will cover your remaining cost of tuition until you graduate. Learn more about our four-year graduation guarantee  

Students traveling abroad

Junior Journey

You have our guarantee…an education from Florida Southern will take you places! Through our Junior Journey program, every FSC full-time undergraduate student** completes an off-campus, learning experience to exciting destinations like Washington, D.C., the Caribbean, Costa Rica, England, France, and more. You can travel and earn college credit at the same time…often at no additional cost. How cool is that? Learn more about Junior Journey  


Adara Powell

talks about her experience studying abroad in England.

Grads walking in regalia

Engaged Learning

Looking for a lecture hall where you’ll learn amidst the masses? You won’t find one at Florida Southern.

Our students appreciate small classes that engage them with hands-on activities, discussions, presentations, guest speakers, and experiences designed to bring their education to life.

Learn more about Engaged Learning  


More than just your major…

Deepen Your Knowledge

Your general education courses will broaden your horizons and ensure a well-rounded education that allows you to excel in three key areas: 1. knowledge of the cultural and natural world, 2. intellectual and practical skills, and 3. personal and social responsibility. And our unique approach gives you the flexibility to choose general education courses that often meet requirements in your major.

Change the Way You Think

Honors Program

Are you intellectually curious? FSC’s Honors Program is for you. Our team-taught, discussion-based classes will help you challenge your assumptions and open your mind to new ways of understanding our world.

More about the Honors Program  

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are designed to help you transition into college life and provide you with the skills you need to succeed throughout your academic career and beyond. When you arrive on campus in August you’ll want to feel at home, get to know people easily, and do well academically.

Learn more about our Learning Communities  

Our Faculty

Our faculty members are more than professors.

They are advisors… mentors… your partners in learning. They are also top scholars in their fields, and their greatest hope is to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Florida Southern’s faculty members are dedicated to providing you with personalized attention and a truly outstanding education.

Meet our Faculty  


Shem Opolot

talks about how his faculty are helping him to pursue his dream of becoming a surgeon.

Faculty and Students

Who is your favorite professor?


Danie Taylor answered:

Mike Tracy! He takes the time to single out each individual and give you the needed attention… Within the first week, he knew my name! I can easily talk to him, and he makes the material so understandable… I really enjoy it…


Tina Schipani answered:

Professor Davis! He is so funny and has a way of capturing all of the students attention! There is never a dull moment with that man. ♥

Support & Resources

As you dive into your courses,
you’ll experience one of the best and most exciting parts of college—the challenge.

College challenges you to explore unfamiliar ideas, wrestle with complex theories, and articulate your opinions. We’ve got numerous resources to help you along the way. And for those times when you run into a challenge you can’t quite tackle alone, we’ve got plenty of experts available to guide you.

Looking for a something in particular?
See a complete list of campus resources.


Academic Catalog

Your guide to everything academics related.

Students in the library

Library & Archives

With state-of-the-art computing facilities and an extensive collection of educational materials, which can even be accessed online, The Roux Library and McKay Archives Center provide students with educational resources that enrich their learning at FSC. Visit the Library  

Career Center

In many ways, our full-service Career Center is like a bridge between your Florida Southern education and your future. During your time on campus, we’ll help explore various careers, network with alumni and other professionals, develop job-search skills, discover internship possibilities, consider volunteer experiences, research graduate schools, and much more. Visit the Career Center  

Centers & Institutes

Our Academic Centers promote the research of engaging issues in the community by sponsoring lectures on a wide variety of topics including but not limited to, dyslexia, sensory integration disorders, stem cell research, evolution, mental health & wellness, and Florida history. See a complete list of Centers & Institutes  

Student Solutions Center

A hub of information and services, the staff at the Student Solutions Center can help you explore your aspirations or establish a foundation for academic and professional achievement. You’ll also find support for all concerns on campus whether its academics, student life, financial aid, or business office related. Learn more about our one-stop resource  

Registrar’s Office

Whether you need to register for classes, browse the academic calendar, transfer course credits, order transcripts, or prepare for graduation, the Registrar’s office is here to help you. Visit the Registrar’s office  

Tutoring & Support

Not sure how to format your bibliography? Can figure out what Y is equal to? Tutor Tables and Peer Assisted Study Session can give you the help to you need to complete your courses successfully. See schedule  

Information Services

Need a scanner or some special software? FSC operates comprehensive computer facilities. All residence halls, classrooms, and labs are connected to a high-speed network and wireless access points helping you to learn and communicate more efficiently. More about our technology resources