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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council


To identify, recommend, and support the implementation of policy and process solutions that enable our campus community to embrace diversity, nurture inclusivity, incorporate accessibility, and pursue equity.

These principles will be reflected in our internal and external communications, as well as in campus educational experiences, programs, and activities, such that Black, other students, faculty and staff of color, and other underrepresented groups are recognized and supported. This will empower our campus community members to learn and grow as we appreciate our value in an ever-changing global community.

To do this the Council will:

  • Identify ways that the FSC community can educate its members about racial inequality and social injustice;
  • Support actions that the FSC community can pursue to be positive voices for justice, inclusion, and peace;Support actions that the FSC community can pursue to be positive voices for justice, inclusion, and peace;
  • Through the Councils’ Committees, include students, faculty, staff, and alumni leaders in plans to develop a deeper understanding of race bias and strategies for reducing it;
  • Oversee plans to educate students, faculty and staff about issues relating to racial inequality and social justice; and
  • Provide an evaluation assessment to measure FSC’s progress.

The outcomes of this Council will build a college community that serves as an exemplar of educational opportunity and success for students of color and will develop high-impact practices that will be a model for other institutions.

FSC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council


Council RepresentationMemberEmailPhone
FSC PresidentDr. Anne Kerrakerr@flsouthern.edu863.680.4111
Trustee, Council ChairEvett L. Simmons, Esq.esimmons@sfwlegalteam.com772.873.5900
Cell: 772.342.7713
Interim ProvostTracey Tedderttedder@flsouthern.edu863.680.4124
Vice President of Enrollment Management MarketingJohn Grundigjgrundig@flsouthern.edu863.680.6212
Interim Vice President of Student LifeLauren Albaumlalbaum@flsouthern.edu863.680.4390
Dean of the School of Nursing and Health SciencesLinda Comerlcomer@flsouthern.edu763.680.4115
President of SGACarter Webbsga_pres@mocs.flsouthern.edu407.761.6075
President of Multicultural CouncilSophia Franciscosophiaefrancisco8@gmail.com954.319.1575
Student-at-LargeAnna Abellannareneew@gmail.com719.300.9605
Student-at-LargeBlake Loughreyblakeloughrey@gmail.com612.615.6132
Rev. Pasadena Community ChurchRev. Corey Jones ’05coreyj@pccumc.orgCell: 863.255.0284
Coordinator First Generation Prog.Thomas Rangetrange@flsouthern.edu863.680.4217
Head Athletic TrainerReg Mungruermungrue@flsouthern.edu863.680.4267
Professor of ArtsChristianne Rollcroll@flsouthern.edu863.680.3015
Professor of ChemistryDr. Shameka Shelbysshelby@flsouthern.edu863.680.4128
Professor of CommunicationDr. Pamela Dykespdykes@flsouthern.edu863.680.6168
Professor of EducationDr. Becky Powellrpowell@flsouthern.edu863.680.3777
Professor of LanguagesDr. Jose Garciajgarcia@flsouthern.edu863.680.4309
Associate Professor of Management and MBA DirectorDr. Krista Lewellynklewellyn@flsouthern.edu863.680.4285
Professor of PhilosophyDr. H.A. Netheryhnethery@flsouthern.edu863.680.4949
Professor of Physical TherapyDr. Prisca Collinspcollins@flsouthern.edu863.680.4525
Professor of ReligionDr. Kyle Fedlerkfedler@flsouthern.edu863.680.4182
Professor of SciencesDr. Johnathan Cazalasjcazalas@flsouthern.edu863.680.6283
Chief Diversity Officer – DEIC AdvisorWilhelmina Tribblewtribble@flsouthern.edu863.680.6250

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council